About Me

This project all started with wanting my kids to have access to my recipes once I am gone. Not that I plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Also, I love to cook and of course I love to eat as well. Anyone who can read and follow directions can whip up a great meal if they want to. All you need is a good recipe and quality ingredients.

Growing up with my Mom every meal was homemade. She was an excellent cook and I have her to thank for learning how to cook. Her Italian grandmother taught her how to cook. She never gave me lessons, I just watched as she worked. I remember when I wanted to learn how to make her much sought after Spaghetti Sauce w/ Meatballs. She just started throwing all of the ingredients into a large pot. I said, "how much are you putting in?" She said, "just watch." I thought at the time she was being difficult. She never measured unless she was baking cookies or a cake. But her sauce was always to die for.

Fast forward into my adulthood--I have mastered her cooking style. My sons grew up with homemade soups, spaghetti sauce, brownies, etc. I want my recipes to appeal to the average person. I am currently working on a cookbook that will have a wide variety of recipes. Some healthy and some that will make your fat cells sing with everything in between. Great recipes are meant to be shared. When I started telling my friends about my cookbook idea they said I want one, too. So I decided to make my dream come true. Thank you, Mom [1-16-1936 to 12-26-1999].