Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tortellini Salad

Get your Italian fix this week. This Tortellini Salad is not only a thing of beauty but it tastes awesome too. Whether you want this as a side or for lunch you can't go wrong. A nice bite of pasta seasoned with vinaigrette, roasted peppers, feta, fresh spinach and olives. I'm in love! This easy to make-ahead dish will be sure to woo your guests. You don't have to tell them how easy it is, it can be our secret.

Tortellini Salad
  • 1 lb. Tri-Color fresh Cheese Tortelinni
  • 1 (7 oz.) jar of yellow or red roasted peppers
  • 1 (16 oz.) bottle of vinaigrette dressing
  • 1 (4 oz.) pkg of fat free Feta cheese, crumbled
  • 1 (DR.WT. 6 oz.).can large black olives, drained
  • 1 (6 oz.) pkg. fresh baby spinach, only using half
Cook tortellini according to package directions. Meanwhile drain and slice peppers into slivers about 1 ½ inches long and set aside. When tortellini is cooked drain in colander and run cold water over to cool down and stop the cooking process.

In a large bowl mix together tortellini, peppers, vinaigrette, feta, and olives, toss together well. Tear off stems of spinach and place torn spinach leaves into salad. Reserving the rest for later use. Refrigerate overnight, stirring occasionally. This makes about 10 cups.

For testing purposes I used a 16 oz. pack of tri-color cheese tortelinni. You can find them in bulk at wholesale food clubs. I have also seen tri-color mini ravioli, that would work as well. If you can not get tri-color just get plain cheese. You may use a favorite vinaigrette of your choice. I like to use Newman's Own Greek Vinaigrette. Do not use a light vinaigrette. I also like to leave the olives whole (if someone does not like them they are easy to pick around). Also I use fat free Feta and it still tastes delish.

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