Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pulled Pork Bar B Q

Super Bowl XLVI will be here this Sunday. This is an All American recipe for one of America's favorite season finales. So watch the game and enjoy eating a sandwich or two whenever you feel like it. These babies stay good for hours.

These are a few quotes from friends about my pulled pork: "I ate 8 sandwiches over the day and could not eat dinner last night." "I'm in love." "Wow, I can't believe I ate 6 of them." "It's so tender." This is a real crowd-pleaser and all of the work is done in advance. I just love that! It's a very requested recipe of mine. I have tried lots of bar b q sauces and hand down Stubb's spicy is the best. Let the game begin!

Pulled Pork Bar B Q
  • 1 fresh pork picnic or butt roast
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 bottle Stubb's spicy Bar B Q Sauce 18 oz.
  • Martin's potato rolls.
You will need a large crockpot for this recipe. When buying the pork have the butcher cut the picnic in half (this step is important so it will fit into crockpot) and have them cut the skin off and throw it away, you do not need the butcher to do this step if it's a butt roast.

The night before you serve pork place in a crockpot with 1 cup water (do not use more then one cup or it will overflow) set on low setting and cook all night long for 12 hours.

In the morning remove meat from crockpot and place in a large bowl and set aside. Strain and defat the pork broth and set aside. I pour broth through a wire mesh into a large pot. Then I skim off fat that has floated to the surfaces with a ladle or a large spoon.

Wash and dry crock pot. Then place a few pork pieces at a time on a cutting board. The meat will fall right off of the bones ( no bones if it's a butt roast). Pick through pork throwing away bones and pieces of fat. As you are cleaning pork put meat back into clean crockpot. When all of the pork has been pulled add the strained and defatted pork broth back into crockpot. Cook on low until just before you serve it add a bottle of Bar B Q Sauce and mix well.

On a hot day I cook mine outside overnight or if weather is bad I cook it in my garage because it will be stinky. Everyone loves this recipe.I always serve this with Martin's potato rolls and slaw. Enjoy!

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