Friday, September 24, 2010

Maryland Crab Soup

This is the best time for crab season, and here is the perfect recipe to take advantage of that. Maryland Crab Soup is perfect for a chilly fall day in Maryland.

I made this recipe for a group of friends, and one of them insisted that his recipe was better than mine, but when he got to try it he told me he liked mine better. So, here it is. Enjoy!

  • 1 (16 oz.) bag frozen petite peas
  • 1 (16 oz.) bag frozen butter beans
  • 1 (16 oz.) bag frozen corn
  • 1 (20 oz.) bag frozen cut green beans
  • 2 cups diced raw potatoes diced with skin on
  • 1 cup chopped fresh cabbage
  • 1 ½ cubs fresh carrots, diced
  • 1 (6 oz.) can tomato paste
  • ¼ cup chicken or crab base*
  • 10 cups water
  • 3 Tbsp. Old Bay seasoning
  • ½ tsp. freshly ground black pepper
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 1 lb. pasteurized lump crab meat

In a large 8 qt. or larger soup pot add water, tomato paste, base, Old Bay, black pepper and salt. Stir well with wire whisk, breaking up base. Bring to a boil then add peas, butter beans, corn, green beans, potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Bring to a boil again. Lower heat to a simmer and cover with lid. Simmer for 2-3 hours stirring occasionally.

Just before serving add crab meat and mix well. Heat for a few minutes then serve immediately. Leftovers freeze well.

*If you do not use base you may use 10 cups chicken broth instead of water and base.

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  1. I want to see crab meat in my soup. This recipe is the best.