Thursday, May 7, 2015

Weed Killer~~~Non-Toxic

I know this is not a food post, but it is a recipe post. I had to share this with you because it works great!  Also this is a triple goodness post because it kills weeds, is non-toxic and it will save you money. I just love when that happens.

I used it on some Poison Ivy climbing up our big trees and it killed the Poison Ivy ( on new growth), in a few days and that stuff is tough to kill. Three ingredients is all that you need, just get yourself a good spray bottle and a funnel. Since there is table salt in this recipe do not spray on or near concrete. Salt ruins and especially TABLE SALT since the grains are finer. Also I would not spray on a day that is calling for rain either. I don't know about you but I worry about using Round-Up around my family and pets. Be kind to your loved ones, but show those nasty weeds who is boss.
  • 2 Qts of White Vinegar or White Cleaning vinegar *
  • 1/4 cup table salt
  • 1 tsp, Dawn dish detergent*
* I used cider vinegar, but after trying 3 vinegars I believe the white cleaning vinegar does a better job. It turns it up a notch by using cleaning vinegar which is a bit more acidic, 6% instead of 5%. The white vinegar works well too. It has to be Dawn dish detergent so it will cut through the oils on the leaves, then the salt and vinegar burns the leaves.

Mix above ingredients together in a large 8 cup measuring cup if you have one or a large bowl with a lip for pouring. I like to use a whisk to mix well until salt is dissolved. Using a funnel pour into the spray bottle and use immediately. Left over keeps well, just shake bottle before using if it as sat for a while to remix any separation. I have found that this works better than Round-Up and it kills on the first application.

I purchased a 64 oz. jug of White vinegar and stored my unused portion of the mixture back into the bottle. Don't forget to label it well with a sharpie pen.

I noticed that the established Poison Ivy vines get thicker and the vine starts to look hairy looking. Those are roots that sprout out as it climbs the tree or whatever it climbs. If you find an established vine cut it off at the top as far as you can reach, then spray the whole vine down all the way to the ground. You need to not only kill the leaves but also the roots. Whatever you do never touch the vines nor the leaves bare handed.


  1. I am living with a jungle here! Everywhere I look, weeds are growing, growing, growing! I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks!

  2. It works great for us. On stubborn weeds it may new 2-4 sprays.